How do you tune in your car for winter? Mobile Mechanic El Paso technicians have all the knowledge and tools in these situations. It is not much of a hassle for a car owner too because he or she simply has to call the mobile auto mechanic shops and the technician will come right up, packed with all the right tools and can effortlessly do the job. However, it also pays to be knowledgeable in any case that you do decide to tune in the car yourself.

Winter is that time of the year when the temperatures typically drop. The roads become particularly dangerous too. It is a must to always maintain the car. You must pay special attention to the car battery, tires, oil, the wipers, headlights, brake system and so on. Two of the most important things that you should consider are the oil and the tires. These two car parts must be changed. With respect to driving, some guidelines should be followed so you can avoid putting yourself at risk or endanger other passengers.

Change the car oil. Car oil has three main functions. The first one is to lubricate the engine to decrease the friction between the car parts. The second one is to make the temperature drop caused by the combustion in the engine. The third one is to keep the car clean. The oil is a mineral. It can be synthetic or semi-synthetic. You must always choose one whose quality is equal to or higher than what is indicated by the car manufacturer. And you must also follow and adhere to the manufacturers instruction prior to changing the car oil.

Changing the tire. Snow, ice, rain or cold temperature can cause tightening of conventional tires and diminishing in the tire elasticity. Therefore, during winter, it is recommended to replace them with winter tires. These tires are designed to withstand temperatures below 7 C because of the materials that are made perfectly to adhere in the wet, icy or dry asphalt.

These are just some of things you might want to take into account with regards to car maintenance during winter. As such, you can seek advices and help from your friendly mobile auto mechanic technicians.